It’s all about strategy! We highlight how well your brand is positioned to attract the best talent.

How it works

  • We’ll start with a meeting to fully understand your business, how you’re currently aimming to attract the best people and what your current recruitment process looks like.
  • Your consultant will conduct a comprehensive review of your existing employer brand and attraction strategy.
  • We’ll carry out candidate research on their perceptions of your brand to highlight both the positives and development points.
  • Your consultant will thoroughly review your competitors to understand how they’re positioning themselves in the market.
  • We’ll compile a strategy document for review, highlightinging the necessarily steps to put your business at the forefront of your industry

Case study

Jungle Creations

Jungle Creations

Jungle Creations is a leading media house for the social age, solely focused on delivering high quality content to their audience of over 82 million on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

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