How to increase employee happiness at work

Date: 18 April 2019

British employees will on average work for 34 hours and 26 minutes a week, adding up to a total of 1,795 hours a year, and 84,365 hours over a lifetime (that is enough time to watch every episode of Game of Thrones 1,328 times!). Considering the amount of time spent at work, it is important for both the employee and the company that the environment is a positive one.

If employees are unhappy they can negatively impact every area of the business, from customer service to revenue streams. The University of Warwick also found that happy employees are 12% more productive at work. These are just some of the reasons why employers need to make a conscious effort to boost office morale.

There are many simple ways to improve employee happiness. Check out our top tips below!

Free food

A study found that 67% of employees with free food said they were ‘extremely happy’ at work. Certain foods are proven to increase brain power, including blueberries and dark chocolate, so stock up on healthy snacks. No one wants a hangry employee!

Fluffy friends

US researchers found that those with access to dogs were significantly less stressed than those without. This is the perfect excuse to finally get that office dog! If you don’t want to commit to a full time pooch, sites such as ‘borrowmydoggy’ allow you to look after a dog for a short period of time.

Get sweating

Exercise releases endorphins in our brains, which are chemicals that have a number of physiological functions. These endorphins trigger positive feelings and make us feel instantly happier! Lunchtime runs, cycle to work schemes and discounted gym memberships are just some of the ways to get your employees exercising.

Dress down

Ditching the suit and tie and allowing employees to dress casually will give them an avenue to express themselves and feel more comfortable. If they feel uncomfortable, then employees are less likely to have a positive attitude throughout the day. It will also take away the pressure and competitive element that can come with the ‘dress to impress’ rule.

Here at thenewguys, we pride ourselves on being a great place to work and creating a positive and encouraging environment for our employees. This is why we offer free snacks, a dog-friendly office and casual dress code, amongst other things!

How to increase employee happiness at work