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They’re a world class content studio partnering with some of the biggest and best brands in the world. They began in 2007 with a vision to create work that people actually wanted to watch, click on, read, experience and listen to. They have always believed in keeping the thinking and making together so they can shepherd an idea from start to finish which means better work, shorter lead times and better value.

As brands are challenged to find more authentic ways to engage with people, they help their partners to identify their place in culture, and then create content that adds value to that culture. The Real Story Network is the engine that helps us do this. It sits at the heart of their business and allows us to mine the real world to find ways to relevant ways to place brands in culture.

They choose the clients they work with carefully, often proactively pitching them if they think they can help them and their values align - their Refugee work with Google and UNHCR or †heir recent Red Bull series are good examples of this.

The Role

Highly entrepreneurial, this is a dual role within the company and carries the chance to build the reputation among existing clients, drive business growth ​and helping define the blueprint for how they generate ideas that reflect their proposition. The role will be a key part of a wider Growth Team (working closely with the MD, Strategy and Growth Director) which will be highly incentivised to build predictable, repeatable income - the foundation for a stable and sustainable business. Working in a ‘dive buddy’ duo with another Client Director this role will hold overall responsibility for business development within existing clients and will hold line managerial responsibilities to Client Managers.

Job Description:


As a Client Director you are part of the Maker team and the engine of the Studio, work simply would not happen without you. This role balances responsibility for the Client and the creative idea with that of the budget and the business.

They believe in one team with a “right minds, right time” mentality. You will be responsible for overseeing and delivering projects on time, on budget and to the highest possible creative standards. You will work closely with Producers to agree specific project roles. Regardless of project size or make-up the following responsibilities ALWAYS need to be covered:

  • Ideate great work
  • Ensure it is on brief
  • Sell it to the client and keep it sold
  • Make it great
  • Ensure it is grounded in real
  • Explore future opportunities

Client Development:

A key part of a sustainable, stable future.

  • Responsible for generating new business opportunities and driving growth within existing client relationships,working with Growth Team.
  • Responsible for establishing the frameworks and protocols for Client management.
  • Responsible for developing both 1 year and ‘lifetime’ objectives for every client and review protocols to ensure each project is driving towards these objectives.
  • Responsible for establishing new ways of building loyalty and repeat business in a post retainer world.
  • Working with Growth Team team to establish repeat business targets.
  • A key part of the pitch team, both client facing and ‘devil’s advocate’ roles.

Rob Hedges

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